Spending time in nature can be a powerful antidote to the stress of modern living. In recent years a growing body of evidence has proven what many naturalists, outdoor enthusiasts, poets, and indigenous cultures have long known: the great outdoors is profoundly good for us on all levels.

Journey Illuminated is an inspiring approach to serve the planet by helping humans heal, accept themselves, and rediscover the vitality of life. This strategy is an experiential combination of forest bathing, yoga, nutrition, outdoor skills, expressive arts, community development, interactive relationship growth, and an overview of relevant research on nature and expressive arts' health benefits. It can be implemented in various ways and in a step-by-step sequence that meets the needs and resources for each individual and facility. It is entirely designed for those who are especially called to share nature’s gifts by integrating their love of the outdoors with mindfulness and the arts.

Meaningful connection with the generative powers of nature is an essential part of a healthy and balanced life. During this Great Pause/Great Awakening, the Covid-19 pandemic and social isolation have given us a lot upon which to reflect and opportunity to do so. What is "normal" and what values are important in this new season? 

For many of us, there has never been a greater need for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual support. There is a loud call for healing and mental health availability. Journey Illuminated is the light of hope and wisdom through these profound individual and social changes. This approach to business - and life - can strengthen bonds with nature and, in doing so, improve the chances that our communities will steward the natural systems we all depend upon for our health and wellbeing. In reciprocity nature improves and supports vitality and provides meaning and purpose in life.

This program currently consists of a spectrum of levels to support individuals and businesses where they are now. Everything can be implemented in steps over time. Each offering is fun-filled, hands-on adventure that provides both clients and facilitators with the knowledge, skills, and support we need to safely and expertly provide leadership in an area most needed at this profound time. Those who embrace a mindful approach in nature experience the healing power of the naturally creative world. 

The potential to grow and spread the seeds of this natural approach to life and business is limitless. The purpose of this kind of expansion is to serve the planet and all living beings who call this Earth home. When aligned with the altruistic service to the wellbeing of all, the abundance of life, known also as "flow" manifests for all connected in bountiful ways. 

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