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I'm originally from Ontario, but my family emigrated to the US when I was 12. I've lived there, in lots of places, for a long time. I went to Boston University for art history and worked as a professional tall ship sailor and maritime captain for nearly 20 years, living and working up and down both coasts, doing mostly eco tours, history tours, education, and transportation. During that career, I noticed how nature is able to foster many layers of personal learning and development. The body, mind, emotions, and spirit are all supported and nourished simply by being in relationship with nature.


I did an MA in Holistic Leadership and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Expressive and Creative Arts and almost completed all the course and internship hours for licensure as a Holistic Mental Health Counselor. In that graduate program, we framed everything around a double helix model, illustrating how everything is interconnected. I had an autoimmune disease during that time which threatened blindness. My research was primarily focused on healing my autoimmune disease using every possible approach. In so doing, I discovered that I could see differently and that a life without eyesight didn't mean a life without seeing. I learned to see differently and contrary to all the promises of my specialists, my eyes regained their health. 


What started as an anti-inflammatory diet to heal my eyes turned into conscious plastic reduction and gradual lifestyle changes that enable me to be healthier all around, heal the symptoms related to past Traumatic experiences, to help myself feel whole again, like a human-being rather than a human-doing. 


I went to Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership and became a certified Mindful Outdoor Guide, which means I can hold space for people and create opportunities for creative experiential learning in which Nature and Self are the greatest teachers. I have been working since grad school on combining these two approaches to healing and learning. Our presence is the greatest, most important gift we can give ourselves, each other, the more-than-human-world. 


I would love to meet you and to share with you and your community the gifts I've received in abundance from my teachers, of the human and more-than-human kind. 





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